Right to Information Act, 2005

                                                                   T H U H M A H R U A I

   India sawrkar laipuiin kum tin atan a  remruatna angin, nikum 2011 khan  Mizoram-ah  RTI Week hi a vawikhatna atan  October 5, 2011 atanga  October 12,  2011 chhungin,  Mizoram Information Commission bul tumin, Directorate of Information & Public Relations leh District Authorities- te nen a tang tlangin, hlawhtling tak a hman a lo ni tawh a.  Mizoram Chief Minister zahawm tak, Pu _,  Chief Guest chuan RTI Week, 2011 chu ropui takin Vanapa Hall, Aizawl-ah a hawng a ni.  Mizoram District tinah hman niin, State Chief Information Commissioner leh Commission-a thawk  Officer-ten Lunglei leh Serchhip-ah he Hapta hi an hmanpui a.  He hapta denchhen  hian RTI Leaflets-te, RTI Banners-te siam a nih bakah,  SPIO leh Information Seekers-te kaihhruaina atan RTI Booklets  pawh buatsaih a lo ni tawh a. Hengte hi Mizoram hmun hrang hrangah darh zau tak a sem an ni a.  A senso hi Department of Personnel & Training, Govt. of India rawn tum a ni.
   RTI Week, 2011 kan hman atangte leh Mizoram Information Commission hnathawh chhoh zelah,  RTI lama inkaihhruaina (Guidelines) siam belh hi thil tul tak leh tih makmawh niin kan hria a. Chuvang chuan sum kum hmasa a kan hman ralna leh tun kum atana kan  mamawh dante Sawrkar laipuiah kan hriattir  a; kan dil angin kum 2012 RTI Week hmanna tur pawisa pawh min rawn pe leh ta a.

  Hei vang hian kan Booklet siam tawhsa belhchhahin tunah hian Information Seekers/Applicants Kaihhruaina leh Departmental Appellate Authority (DAA), State Public Information Officer (SPIO), State Assistant Public Information Officer (SAPIO)-te Kaihhruaina, a hran ve vein,  kimchang leh zualin kan han buatsaih leh ta a ni.
   He Booklet hi RTI Act chungchang a inkaihhruaina tlangpui tarlanna a ni a; innghahna ber atan chuan The RTI Act, 2005 leh The Mizoram RTI Rules, 2010-te hman tur a ni.  He booklet-ah hian a copy-te pawh dah tel a ni.
   He Kaihhruaina bu hi Information Seekers/Applicant-te leh midang a hmangtute tan tangkai tak a  nih ka beisei .

Dated Aizawl,                                                                                                    LAL  DINGLIANA  IFS (Rtd.)
October, 2012                                                                                           State Chief Information Commissioner,
                                                                                                                        Mizoram Information Commission
                                                                                                                                     Mizoram : Aizawl


1.   Information dil chungchanga hriat tur
   tlangpuite   9
2.   Information pek hun chhung   13
4.   Fee pek tur leh pek ngai zat tlangpuite   15
5.   Zualko vawi 1-na chungchang   17
6.   Zualko vawi 2-na chungchang   19
7.   Third Party Information   20
8.   Hrem theihnate (Penalties)   21
9.   Central Sorkar-in a din RTI Act-in a
   huam tel ve loh Organisation-te   23
10.   Mizoram Sorkar-in a din RTI Act-in a
   huam tel ve loh Organisation-te   24
11.   RTI success stories   25
12.   RTI hmanga dil chungchang   32
13.   RTI dan hnuaia thil tangkai hriat
   tul thenkhatte   34
14.   The RTI Act 2005   36
15.   The Mizoram RTI Rules, 2006   92
16.   The Mizoram RTI Rules, 2010   104

*** “The real Swaraj will come not by the acquisition of authority by a few but by the acquisition of capacity by all to resist authority when abused”.

  {Mi tlemtein thuneihna an chan vang maiin mahni rorelna dik tak “Real Swaraj” hi lo awm tur a ni lova. Thuneihna hmang sualtu dodal tur a mitinin chakna thahrui an sawmkhawm atang chauhin a lo awm tur a ni zawk.}

                                                                                                                           - Mahatma Gandhi

***  “The implementation of the Right to Information Act is an important milestone in our quest for building an enlightened and at the same time a prosperous society. We must quard against the growth of professional middlemen in the use of this Act as seen in some other countries. Right to information is not a substitute for good governance. It has to support and aid the process of good governance”.
                                                                                                             - Dr. Manmohan Singh


                                                                                       CHAPTER - 1
                                                                    INFORMATION  DIL CHUNGCHANGA
                                                                                HRIAT TUR TLANGPUITE:

1.   RTI Act, 2005 hnuaiah, India khua leh tui ( Indian Citizen) zawng zawngin, thil hriat  duh hriat theihna chanvo (right) an nei vek a ni.
                                                                                 [Section 3 of the RTI Act, 2005]

2.   RTI hmang a information diltu reng rengin,  a khawihtu Department dik tak SPIO hnenah dilna chu thehluh thin tur a ni a; dilna theh luh hmain thil hriat duh chu khawi  Public Authority  chan chhunga mi nge  a nih hriat chian phawt a tha a ni.
                                                                        [Part III(2) of Guide Book  on RTI Act,2005 ]

3.   RTI Act, 2005 hnuaiah Information dilna form siam hran a ni lova, Lehkhapuan pangngai (plain  paper)-in dilna hi theh luh theih a ni a.  Mahse,  diltu  hming leh Postal address  kim chang dilnaah chuan tih lan tur a ni.
                                                                         [Part I(22) of Guide Book  on RTI Act,2005 ]

4.   Information chu English or Hindi or dilna hmun a tawng tlanglawn ber hmangin emaw a dil theih a. Ziakin or Electronic hmanraw hmangin (in writing or through Electronic means)  thehluh tur a ni.
                                                                                 [Section 6(1) of the RTI Act, 2005]

5.  Information dilnaah chuan chiang tak a thil hriat duh chu ziakin,  State Public Information Officer (SPIO)-ah emaw State Assistant Public Information Officer (SAPIO)-ah  emaw theh luh tur a ni.
                                                                             [Section 6(1)(a)&(b) of the RTI Act, 2005]

6.   Information dilna man (Application Fee) hi Rs.10/-  a ni a;  Pawisa fai or  Indian Postal Order (IPO) or Bankers Cheque or  Demand Draft or Treasury Challan  hmangin  a pek theih a ni.  Dilna theh luhna SPIO/SAPIO hne atangin Receipt lak tur a ni.   
                                                                        [ Rule.3(1)&(2) of the Mizoram RTI Rules, 2010]

7.   Diltu chu Below Poverty Line (BPL) a nih a, thil hriat duh chu BPL kaihhnawih lam thil a nih bawk chuan, Fee  pek a ngai lo. Mahse, dilnaah chuan BPL a nihna tichiang thei tur (certified  photo copy) a thil tel tur a ni.
                                                                             [Provisio of Section 7(5) of the RTI Act,2005]
                                                                             [Rule 6(a) of the Mizoram RTI Rules, 2010]
                                                                              [Part 1(21) of Guide Book on RTI Act, 2005)

8.    Information diltu chuan  dil chhan emaw, diltu mimal chanchin (personal details) emaw dilnaah chuan  ziak lan a ngai kher lo.  
                                                                                      [Section 6(2) of the RTI Act, 2005]

9.   RTI Act chuan ‘information chu Indian Citizen-te hnenah chauh pek tur,’ a ti a. Pawl (Association/Corporation/Company, etc) hminga information dil chu pek a rem lo. A chhan chu, heng Pawl/Association  ang chite hi legal entities/persons  nimahse,  citizen  an ni lo a ni.
                                                                                         Part I (17) of Guide Book on RTI Act, 2005]
                                                [Decision No.CIC/WB/A/2006/00590, 639, 677, 754 to 758 dt.16.5.2009]
10.   Information duh chu kum 20 chhunga mi a nih chuan  dil theih  a ni.
                                                                                                         [Section 8(3) of the RTI Act, 2005]

11.   Information dil reng rengin, subject hrang hrang dilna pakhatah ziak teuh tur a ni lova. Dilna pakhatah subject pakhat chauh zel ziah tur a ni. Subject hrang hrang dil duh chuan dilna a hrang zel a siam tur a ni.
                                                                                          [ Part III(3) of Guide Book  on RTI Act, 2005]   

12.   Application Fee pek bakah information dil chhuah duh kha, a copy siam ngaite a nih chuan, copy siam man diltuin a hran a pek leh a ngai tih hriat tur a ni.
                                                                                                [Part III(5) of  Guide Book  on RTI Act,2005]
                                                                                                 [Rule 4 of the Mizoram RTI Rules, 2010]

13.   Information duh chu hun tiam chhung a SPIO-in a pek lohin  emaw, SPIO-in chhanna a pekah diltu a lungawi lohin emaw, Departmental Appelate Authority (DAA)-ah hun tiam chhungin First Appeal theh luh theih a ni a. Chumi hnuah diltu chu a la lungawi lohin emaw, DAA-in hun ruat chhunga thuremna a siam loh emaw chuan,  Information Commission-ah Second Appeal  theh luh leh theih a ni.
                                                                                                    [ Section 19(1)&(3) of the RTI Act, 2005]

14.    Zirlai emaw, Exam chi hrang hrang beitu (Candidate) te’n an chhanna Answer Papers  chu an duh chuan an en thei a; a certified copy pawh an dil chhuak thei a ni. Amaherawhchu, ennawn leh (re-evaluate) erawh chu RTI Act-in a huam chhunga mi a ni lo.   
                                                 [Supreme Court Judgement dt.09.08.2011 vide Civil Appeal No.6454 of 2011]
10.   Information duh chu kum 20 chhunga mi a nih chuan  dil theih  a ni.
                                                                                                         [Section 8(3) of the RTI Act, 2005]

15.   Heng a hnuaia point tarlanah te hian diltu in Information Commission-ah complaint a thehlut thei a ni:-
   i)   Public Authority-in SPIO a ruat  loh vang a dilna theh luh theih loh a nihin emaw,
   ii)   SAPIO-in dilna a dawn duh lohin emaw, dilna or appeal SPIO or DAA hnenah a thawn duh lohin emaw,  
   iii)   RTI Act hnuai a information dilna hnial a nihin emaw,
   iv)   Hun ruat chhung a ngaihvenna lam hmuh tur a awm lohin  emaw,
   v)   Fee pek chung changah dik tawk lo awm ni a diltuin a hriatin emaw,
   vi)   Diltuin information kim lo pe nia  a in hriatin emaw, mi hruai diklo thei zawnga information pek nia a hriatin emaw, chhanna diklo pe nia a hriatin.

                                                                                           [ Part III(12) of Guide Book  on RTI Act, 2005]
                                                                    CHAPTER – II  
                                                      INFORMATION PEK HUN CHHUNG
                                                              [ Furnishing of information]

1.   RTI Act, 2005 dan hnuaia fee pe a information dil chu, SPIO-in dilna a dawn atanga ni 30 chhungin chhanna a pe tur a ni. Pek theih loh chi a nih chuan a chhan ziakin diltu chu a hrilh tur a ni.
                                                                                                             [Section 7(1) of the RTI Act, 2005]
2.   Mahse, mi nunna emaw, zalenna khawih chungchang (if it concerns the life or liberty of a person) a nih chuan darkar 48 chhungin SPIO-in chhanna a pe tur a ni.
                                                                                               [Provisio of Section 7(1) of the RTI Act, 2005]
3.   SPIO-in hun bituk chhunga thil hriat duh chhanna a pek loh chuan, information pe duh lo anga ngaih a ni a, diltuin a man awmlo (free of charge)-in thil hriat duhte chu a la thei a ni.
                                                                                                        [Section 7(2)&(6) of the RTI Act, 2005]
4.    Dilna chu State Assistant Public Information Officer (SAPIO ) hnena theh luh a nih chuan, SAPIO chuan dilna chu ni 5  chhungin SPIO hnenah a thawn  ang a, SPIO chuan diltu hnenah,  information pek hun ruat pangngai bakah ni 5 belhin  chhanna chu ziakin a pe tur a ni.   
                                                                                                   [Part I(28) of Guide Book on RTI Act, 2005]
5.   Human right bawhchhia a puhna  (allegations of violation of human rights)  a nih chuan ni 45 chhungin, State Information Commission remtihna la hmasain, chhanna  pek tur a ni a, Eiru a puhna (allegations of corruption)  a nih chuan ni 30 chhunga chhanna pek  tur a ni.   
                                                                                                  [Provisio of Section 24(4) of the RTI Act, 2005]

7.  Table-ah hian Information pek hun hnuhnung ber (maximum time limit) entir a ni :-

 Supply of information in normal course.
30 days.
Supply of information if it concerns the  life  or liberty
   of a person. 
48 hours.
Supply of information if the application
is received through SAPIO.
05 days shall be added to the time period indicated at
Sl. No. 1 & 2
Supply of information if application / request is received after transfer from another public authority :
 (a) In normal course.
 (b) In case the information  concerns the life or liberty of a person.
(a)   Within 30 days of the
      receipt of the application by the                    concerned public authority.
(b)   Within 48 hours of receipt of the application by the
      concerned public authority.
Supply of information by Organisations specified in the   
   Second Schedule :
 (a) If information related to allegations of violation of human rights.
(b) In case information relates  to allegations of corruption.
(a)   45 days from the receipt of application.
(b)   Within 30 days of the receipt of         application.

                                                                                             [ Part IV(21) of Guide Book on RTI Act, 2005]

                                                                            CHAPTER - III
                                               FEE PEK  TUR LEH  PEK NGAI ZAT  TLANGPUITE
                                                                         [Payment of Fees ]

1.   RTI Act, 2005 hnuaiah Information dilna man (Application Fee) hi Rs.10/- a ni a, dilna theh luh rualin pek nghal tur a ni a,  Receipt pawh lak thin tur a ni.

                                                                                    [ Rule 3(1)&(2) of the Mizoram RTI Rules,2010]

2.   Application Fee tel lo dilna chu RTI Act hnuaiah dilna tling a ngaih a ni lova. Amaherawhchu,  SPIO-in lainatna/hriatthiampuina (sympathy) avang erawh chuan Fee tel lo dilna chu dilna  tlingah  a pawm thei ang.

                                                                                       [ Part IV(2) of Guide Book on RTI Act, 2005]

3.   A hnuai a point-ahte hian information diltuin  Fee a chawi a ngai lo:

(a)   BPL member-in BPL hamthatna lam thil a zawhin;

(b)   Hun bituk chhunga SPIO-in information dilna a pek lohin;

(c)   Section 4 of the RTI Act, 2005-in information ziak a tarlan tur leh puanzar tur a tihte Public Authority-in a puan zar  lohin.
                                                                                                   [Rule 6 of the Mizoram RTI Rules, 2010]
4.   SPIO  hnen atanga information chhanna lak chhuah dawnin, Copy siam ngai a awm chuan hetiang hian Fee pek  tur a ni:-
Particulars of Document
Cost of Supply Fee
A-4 size, emaw A-3 size phekkhat zelah
Re. 1/- zel.
A chung a tarlan aia lianah chuan    
Actual charge or cost price.
Samples or Models 
 Actual cost or price

  Inspection of records  
Darkar khat chhung
chu en man a awm lo phawt a.
Hemi aia reiah   chuan darkar
khat zelah Rs.5/-chawi tur a ni.
Soft Copy a pek a nihin C.D pakhat zelah 
 Rs.30/- zel.
Printed Form a pek a nih chuan   
Senso ngai zat ang ang.
Photo Copy siam chhuah ngai a nih chuan phek khatah 
Re.1/- zel.

                                                                                                    [ Rule 4 (a) to (f)  of the Mizoram RTI Rules, 2010]

5.   Application Fee leh Supply Fee-te hi Pawisa fai or Treasury Challan or Demand  Draft or Bankers Cheque or Indian Postal  Order-te  hmangin a  pek  theih  a  ni.
                                                                                 [Rule 3(1) & Rule 4 of the Mizoram RTI Rules, 2010]
                                                                             CHAPTER - IV
                                                                           Zualko vawikhatna
                                                                               {first appeal}

                                                                    zualko theihna ground-te

   (i)   RTI Act hnuaiah chuan Information dilte hi,  hun bituk chhungin SPIO-in a chhanna a pe tur a ni a. Pek chhuah  theih loh chi a nih emaw, Fee pek belh ngai a nih emaw chuan thil awmdan diltu hnenah a hrilh tur a ni.  Mahse, diltuin hun bituk chhunga SPIO hnen atanga chutiang lam thu leh hla engmah  a dawn loh chuan,  DAA-ah First Appeal a thehlut thei a ni.
   (ii)   SPIO thu tlukna siamah  Information diltu a lungawi loh chuan First Appeal a theh lut thei a ni.
   (iii)   Third Party chu information pek chhuah chung changah,  SPIO thutluknaah a lungawi loh chuan DAA-ah  First Appeal a thehlut thei a ni.
                                                                                    [Section 19(1) & Section 11(4) of the RTI Act, 2005]
                                                                                    [Part  V(2 & 3) of Guide Book  on RTI Act, 2005]

                                                ZUALKO VAWI KHATNA THEH LUHNA TUR :

  Zualko vawikhatna (First Appeal) chu  chiang leh tawi fel tak a ziakin,  a concerned Departmental Appellate Authority (DAA)-ah theh luh  tur a ni.  Zualko-na Fee chawi  a ngai  lo.
                                                                                                              [Section 19(1) of the RTI Act , 2005]

                                             ZUALKO VAWI KHATNA THEHLUH HUN CHHUNG

   Thuremna dawn atanga ni 30 chhungin thehluh tur a ni. Ni 30 chhunga thehluh lohna chhan leh vang tha tawk a awm nia DAA-in a hria a nih chuan,  ni 30 hnu lamah pawh thehluh theih a ni.
  [Section 19(1)  of  RTI  Act, 2005.]

                                                        THIL TEL NGAI TLANGPUITE

  Zualkona thehluh dawn a hriat tul leh Documents thil tel ngai eng emaw zat a awm a. Chungte chu Rule 7(1) & (2) of the Mizoram RTI Rules, 2010-ah chiang takin ziak lan a ni a. He lehkhabu tawp lamah  entheihin  dah  a ni.   

                                         ZUALKO VAWI KHATNA CHINFEL HUN CHHUNG

  Departmental Appellate Authority chuan zualkona a dawn atanga ni 30 chhungin First Appeal chu a chingfel tur a ni a. A theih loh chuan, a chhan leh vang ziak a dahin,  ni 45  aia rei lovah chinfel tur a ni.

                                                                                                                          [Section 19(6 ) of  the RTI Act,2005]
                                                                         CHAPTER - V
                                                                     Zualko vawiHNIHna
                                                                        [second appeal]

                                                             ZUALKO THEIHNA GROUND-TE

   (i)   RTI hmanga First Appeal thehluhah, huntiam chhunga  DAA-in thuremna engmah a siam lohin;
   (ii)   First Appeal a DAA  thu remnaah information diltu a lungawi lohin;

   (iii)   First Appeal a DAA thuremnaah SPIO a lungawi lohin;

   (iv)   SPIO thutluknaah Third Party a lungawi loh chuan DAA-ah First Appeal a thehlut thei a. Chuta a la lungawiloh zel chuan Second Appeal pawh  State Information Commission-ah  a thehlut thei a ni.

                                                                                                               [Part III(9) of Guide Book on RTI Act, 2005]

                                                        ZUALKO VAWI HNIHNA THEH LUHNA TUR

   Zualko vawihnihna (Second Appeal) chu  chiang leh tawi fel tak a ziakin,  Information Commission-ah theh luh tur a ni a, Appeal Fee pek a ngai lo.

                                                                                                                    [Section 19(3) of the RTI Act 2005]

                                             ZUALKO VAWI HNIHNA THEHLUH HUN CHHUNG

   Thuremna dawn atanga ni 90 chhungin Second Appeal chu thehluh theih a ni a.  Information Commission-in ni 90 chhunga thehluh lohna chhan leh vang tha tawk  awma a hriat  chuan,  ni 90 hnu lamah pawh thehluh theih a ni.
                                                                                                                   [Provisio of Section 19(3) of RTI Act, 2005]

                                                                      TEL NGAI TLANGPUITE

   Zualkona thehluh dawn a hriat tul leh Documents thil tel ngai eng emaw zat a awm a. Chungte chu Rule 7(1) & (2) of the Mizoram RTI Rules, 2010-ah chiang takin ziak lan a ni a. He lehkhabu tawp lamah  entheihin  dah a ni.   

                                                                       THIRD  PARTY INFORMATION

1.   RTI Act hnuai a Information dil chu Midang (Third  Party) khawih tel thil a nih chuan, SPIO-in information pek theih a nih leh nih loh a ngaihtuah phawt ang a. Pek theih nia  a hriat chuan, dilna a dawn atanga ni 5 chhungin Third Party kha amah khawih tel information pek a remtih leh remtih loh ni 10 chhung a hrilh turin a hriattir ang.  Chumi hnuah third party remtihna emaw, remtih lohna emaw kha ngaihtuah telin, ni 40 chhungin a diltu hnenah chhanna  pek  tur a ni. A thu tlukna chu Section 19 of RTI Act, 2005 hnuaiah appeal theih a ni tih a hriattir bawk tur a ni.

                                                                                             [ Section 11 (1)(2)(3)&(4) of the RTI Act, 2005]
                                                                                            {Part IV(23-25) of Guide Book on RTI Act, 2005}

2.   Sumdawnna thuruk, danin a humhalh sakte a nih ngawt loh chuan, mipui tan a hamthat zawkna tur (public interest)-in,  Third Party tan a thil pawi awmtheite a buk rih zawk chuan,  pek chhuah tur a ni.  SPIO thurel copy chu Third Party pawh pek ve tur a ni a, Appeal theih a ni tih hriattir bawk tur a ni.
                                                                                                          [ Section 11 (1) of the RTI Act, 2005]


   SPIO-in Information pek chhuah chungchangah harsatna a siam tlat a, chu thil hriat chian duh chu RTI dana pek chhuah  theih chi a nih bawk si a, a pe chhuak duh lo a nih chuan, Information Commission-in SPIO chu a chawitir thei a ni. Thupek a zawm loh ni atanga chhiar tanin ni tin Rs. 250/- zel, Information a pek hma chuan a chawi tur a ni. Mahse, a pawisa chawi zawng zawng chu Rs. 25,000/- aiin a tam tur a ni lo.

   Tin, SPIO thuawih lo chungah service rules-in hremna dan a siam zul zui a hrem turin, Information Commission-in a Controlling Officer hnenah rawtna (recommend) a siam thei bawk a ni.
[Section 20(1)(2) of the RTI Act 2005]

   He Booklet hi RTI Act chungchanga inkaihhruaina tlangpui tarlanna a ni a; innghahna ber atan chuan The RTI Act, 2005 leh The Mizoram RTI Rules, 2010-te hman tur a ni.

                                             ACT NOT TO APPLY TO CERTAIN ORGANISATIONS

   Nothing contained in this Act shall apply to the intelligence and security organizations specified in the Second Schedule, being organizations established by the Central Government or any information furnished by such organizations to that Government:

   Provided that the information pertaining to the allegations of corruption and human rights violations shall not be excluded under this sub-section:
[Section 24 of RTI Act, 2005]

RTI Act- a  “Second Schedule”  hnuaiah Central leh State Intelligent leh Security Organisations thenkhatte chu “Exemption” pek an ni a. Chutichung chuan Chapter VI Section 24-ah chuan “Corruption lam thil leh Human Right bawhchhiatna lam thilah chuan heng Organisations leh an hnuaia thawkte pawh hi RTI Act hnuaiah Exempt an ni bik lo a ni. 

                                                                                               [Proviso of Sec. 24 (4) of the RTI Act, 2005]
                                                            AS  PER SECOND  SCHEDULE

1.   Intelligence Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs
2.   Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, Ministry of Finance
3.   Central Economic Intelligence Bureau, Ministry of Finance
4.   Directorate of Enforcement, Ministry of Finance
5.   Narcotics Control Bureau
6.   Aviation Research Centre
7.   Special Frontier Force
8.   Border Security Force, Ministry of Home Affairs
9.   Central Reserve Police Force, Ministry of Home Affairs
10.   Indo-Tibetan Border Police, Ministry of Home Affairs
11.   Central Industrial Security Force, Ministry of Home Affairs
12.   National Security Guard, Ministry of Home Affairs
13.   Research and Analysis Wing of the cabinet Secretariat
14.   Assam Rifles, Ministry of Home Affairs
15.   Sashastra Seema Bal, Ministry of Home Affairs
16.   Special Protection Group
17.   Defence Research and Development Organization, Ministry of Defence
18.    Border Road Development Organization   
19.   Financial Intelligence Unit, India
20.   Directorate general Income Tax (Investigation)
21.   National technical Research Organisation
22.   National Security Council  Secretariat.   
                                     RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005 –IN A HUAM TEL VE LOHTE

1.   State CID Special Branch and District Special Branch including Narcotic Cell.
2.   State Police  formations at all levels dealing with security of vital installation including Airport security and protected persons, procurement and disposal of sophisticated security equipments for maintenance of security and intelligence operations, disclosure of which may lead to breach of security.
3.   State Police formations at all levels dealing with result of examination of exhibits in Forensic Science Laboratory which may jeopardize investigations of prosecution;
4.   State Police Intelligence and Security Organisations or formations at all levels dealing with deployment and movement of Mizoram Police personnels including armed and unarmed.
5  State Police Intelligence and Security Organisations or formations at all levels dealing with matters relating to special operations for maintenance of internal security, Law and Order.
6.   State Police Intelligence and Security Organisations or formations dealing with subjects concerning  negotiations/settlements of militants, insurgents, extremist and anti-social elements and all matters relating to cover and overt operation against them.

                                                                                      [Notification No.F.13011/6/2005-IPR dt.27.03.2007]

                                                         RTI  SUCCESS  STORIES

  Kum 2005-a India ramah RTI Act  hman a lo nih atangin,  kalphung fel leh awmze nei tak a lo inher chhuak a. India ram mipui  leh thalaite tan ram rorelna leh inawpna danahte, langtlang rorelna hmang a thil hriat duh hriat theihna kawl a lo eng ta a.  Helna rilru atangin Chonaah, Naupangte te te pawhin RTI hmang tangkaiin leh RTI Activist-te pawhin Sawrkar bitum mai lovin, Dan chhung atangin, midangte nen a tangtlangin, anmahni mimal hamthat nan mai ni loin, sawrkar pawh a kal dik theih nan leh eiruknate ven a lo nih theih nan,  in relbawlna leh inawpna langtlang a lo awm tan ta a.  India ram dung leh vang a Zirlaite pawhin RTI hmangin an thiamna leh theihnate chu ram leh hnam tan  an hlan ta mek  a ni.

Kum 44 mi Pu Rayabhai Zapadiya, Verval  khua a cheng Jasdan Taluk of Rajkot District, Gujarat State a Loneitu pakhatin RTI  thiltihtheihna leh chakna a hman tangkai dan leh midangte a entir dan chu hetiang a ni:-

  An khua a tui harsatna tih ziaawm a nih theih nan State Sawrkar chuan kum 2007-2008 khan Tui Pipe phum nan sum eng emaw zat a sanctioned a. Mahse, Pu R.Zapadiya chuan Tui Pipe phum chungchangah chuan,  Sawrkar-in tih dan tur a tih ang  a tih a ni lo nasain a hria a. Thil awmdan chu  an khawchhung roreltute (Village Panchayat) hnenah a thlen pawhin chhanna fumfe leh mumal a dawng silova.  Kum 2008,  June thlaah chuan,  a vawikhatna atan  RTI  DAN  hi hman tangkai a ngai a ni tih hriain,  Information Commission-ah a Zualko ta a.
  Tichuan,  Gujarat Information Commission chuan Order siamin, Pu R.Zapadhiya hmuh lai ngeiin Tui Pipe phum chungchang a hnathawh dan chu, endik a  teh tha leh vek turin a ti. Chutiang a an han tih chuan, thuneitute chuan thilfelhlel leh inmillo tam tak a awm tih an hmu chhuak ta a. Tui Pipe phum tur sei zawng chu metres 2380 tur a nih laiin metres 1450 chauhphum  a ni a; Pipe len zawng leh phum thuk zawngte pawh tih tur a sawrkar-in a tih ang a nilo tih hriat chhuah a ni  a.

  He thil avang hian,  he hnathawktu chuan State Sawrkar-ah pawisa engemaw zat a pekir leh a. Tin, hemi hna enkawltu Additional Assistant Engineer chungah Sawrkar chuan action lain Departmental Inquiry neih a ni bawk a ni.
 [ Sources from RTI Foundation on 15 May, 2012]


  Mr Vikram Chavda,  Kum 45  Nandana Village in Kalyanpur Taluka of Gujarat a mi, lo neitu naran ve mai chuan, Kum 2009 atanga 2011 inkarah, Tuilakna  kaihnawih (Irrigation related works) atan a hman tur Rs.8.5 crores chu  RTI dan hmangin a hmannate a zawt a.  Thuneitute chuan, an record a a lan dan chuan,  sum chu tuilian tur venna siam nan (Check dams) leh Ruahtui tla dahkhawlna (rain water harvesting) siam nante a sanction a niin, hna chu thawh zawh vek tawh a nih thu an hrilh a.

  Mr Chavda chuan an khua a hmasawna hna thawhna tur atana  sawrkar-in pawisa a sanction chungchang chu RTI dan hmangin a zawtfiah bawk a. Thuneitute chuan Rs.12.00 lakhs chu, hna thawh engmah hmuh tur awm si lovin, contractor hrang hrang hnenah payment an lo pe tih hmuh chhuah a ni a. Hetiang information hriat a nih avang hian, thil diklo tak a titu Contractor-te leh thuneitute lakah hian action la tur a hmalak a ni.

   An khaw chhehvel hnai (a bik takin Kalyanpur Taluka of Dwarka  a mite, helai hmun a mite hian an Lo leh ram vel atan tuilakna tha an mamawh em em a) a awm te’n an rawn panin  Mr Chavda chuan a theih tawpin hma a lo lak pui thin a. Hetiang hian hun eng emaw chen chu hmasawnna kaihnawih thil tam tak RTI hmangin a lo buaipui tawh thin a;  hun lo kal leh zel turah pawh tih chhunzawm zel a tum a ni.

[Sources from RTI Foundation on 20 April, 2012]

3.   Lucknow khuaa Rajajipuram-a Montessori School a Class-V Zirlaite chuan Mahatma Gandhi chanchin ngaihnawm ti takin an zir mek a. Chutih lai chuan an zinga hmeichhe naupang zirlai pakhat  Aishawarya Parashar, kum 10 mite  chuan a ban rawn phar chhuakin, “Tunge Hnam Pa nihna hi hlan?” tiin a rawn zawt a.  Ani hi zawhna dangdai tak zawh ching tak a ni reng a; a chhanna hi a hriat hma chuan Prime Minister thleng pawh a zawh chhuah tumin,  February ni 13-ah chuan RTI hmangin thuneitute hnenah a zawt ta a.

   Parashar hian kum 7 a nih atangin, a Nu tanpuinain RTI Act hi a hmang tan tawh a, he dan hmang zinga a naupang ber a ni bawk. A pawlpui ten an examna chhanna tur an buaipui laiin, ani chuan Court a roreltute nen inhmuh ni tur tiam in, thudik hailan a dikna a lo awm theih nan - Hostela chaw ei tlak loh sem chungchang atanga Ration dawra eirukna inphumte thlengin  hriat fai vek a tum a ni.

   School Note Book Paper hmang a naupangtein a ziak mai ni mahse, RTI hmanga a zawhna chuan Ram roreltu lu ber Office a  thleng a.  Prime Minister Office,  Home Ministry, National Archives te a kal tlang a,  hnam pumpui hriat loh chu vantlang hriat theihin a darh a: Textbook ah te ziah chamchi ni mahse,  Mahatma Gandhi chu  engtik lai mahin  Hnam Pa  nihna zahawm tak hi official taka hlan a lo  ni lo va. March 26 chuan chutiang lehkha leh a thilhriat duh chu a awmlo tih  Parashar chu hriattir a ni ta a.  A duh hun hunah  a hriat duh chu Archive-ah a zawng thei ang tih an hrilh thung a ni.  
   Thil lawmawm tak mai chu RTI Dan  avang hian a zawhna te chu chhanin a awm thin a. He naupangin RTI a hman avang hian,  an sikul bula bawlhhlawh chhek khawm pawh tih fai a lo ni ta a. He hmun hi tunah chuan Public Library atan hman a ni tawh a.  Tunah hian Doctor nih a, midangte tana malsawmna nih a tum mek a ni.
4.   Bhadresh Vamja, kum 18 mi, Gujarat State a Saldi khua a mi chuan, RTI hmanga nasa tak a  hmalain, a thawhrimna zarah, “Ration dawr reng reng in ration sem tur an lak chhuah zat leh an stock mek an puangzar ngei ngei tur a ni,” tiin  Gujarat Sawrkar chuan thupek a chhuah phah a ni. Dikna hmang a khawtlang tan a theihtawp a chhuah theih nan,  Danhremi (Lawyer) nih a tum mek a ni.   
5.   Shri Vivek Vidhya, B. Com zirlai chuan an khua a Fair Price Shop pahnih te’n  mipui  hnena  Ration an pek chhuah that duhloh chungchang chu hriat chian a duh a.  February 11, 2011-ah  RTI hmangin,  thuneitute hnenah  thla tin a Ration dawr a an pek chhuah zat a zawt a.  Ahmedabad-a NGO te thurawn angin, an khuaa mipuite kal khawmin  beihpui an thlak ta a, RTI hmanga zawhnate zawtin leh  police-ah complain theh lutin hma an la a.  Ration dawr neitute chuan  mipui chanpual pumpui ang chuan an sem ta a ni.
6.   Harshavardhana Reddy, kum 22 mi, Pune-a Computer Science Engineering zirlai, RTI hmanga zawhna 300 lai siam tawh chuan RTI a lo tangkaipui tawh thu sawiin,  “A manhla khawp mai, a pawimawh ber chu hlauh neih loh leh dawhtheih hi a ni.  School or  College atanga hnawhchhuah nihte, thenawmte leh  thuneitute lungawilo hmachhawnte, chhungte remtihpui  lo chung  pawh a RTI Dan  hmanga rorelna fel lo tam tak hai lan chu hlimawm tak a ni,” a ti tlat !

   A Passport dil an ngaihtuah that duh lohte, Lo neitu rethei tak tak, sawrkar enkawl Bank ten loan an pek chhuah that duh loh ho tan te,  Birth Certificate la chhuak thei lo tante, Ram leh Pass neitu thlak chungchanga harsatna tawk tan te, hlawh leh labour compensation a harsatna tawk tan te,  Zirtirtu hlemhle do nan te leh Buhherna khawl in boruak a tih bawlhhlawh tih reh a nih theih nante RTI Dan  hmangin hma a la nasa em em a.   Reddy chuan “Ka theih tawpin ka tanpui dawn tih an hriat avangin mi engemaw zat  hian an harsatna ka hnenah an rawn thlen thin a ni” tiin a sawi.

7.   K.M. Sai Kumar, kum 21 mi, RTI case 20 lai siam tawh  pawhin “RTI Activist anga ka in chan chang hi chuan ka phur thar sawt thin”,  tiin a sawi.
  A tir teah chuan RTI case pahnih a file a. Heta a hriat duh chu : A skul kalna, a Nu thawhna ni bawk, Government Aided School hi sawrkar hian engang chiahin nge a tanpui tih leh tuna a dinhmun chiah hi enge ni? tih a ni a. A thiltih avang chuan a nu chu hrilhlawkna pawh awm lovin ban a ni  a. Mahse,  aman a beih zui zelna avangin,  a nu chu February thla atangin thawhtir leh a ni. He mi B.Sc student, AV College, Hyderabad Osmania University a in affiliate hian,“Thil diklo awm si, ka paltlang tam tak hian ka thin a khei hle thin a, mahse thla tlemte chhunga RTI ka hman tangkaina hian min chhawkin ka nun pawh a pangngai tan leh ta. Tunah chuan eirukna do hi ka phur hliah hliah a, Right to Education chungchanga RTI zawhna awm theite ka thlithlai mek a ni”,  a ti bawk.
                                                                       [ Source : Sl No.3,4,5,6&7 from India Today  issued on18th June, 2012]
8.   Adarsh Society Scam :  Kum 2008 khan Adarsh Society a thil  diklo chungchang RTI hmangin Yogacharya Anandi leh Simpreet Singh-te chuan an hai lang a. Politiciante, Sipai hotute he thilah hian an lo inthlun zawm nasat zia hmuh chhuah a ni. In chhawng 31, Floor 6 neia sak tur hi a tirah chuan indona avanga an pasal ten an thih san Hmeithaite leh War Veteran-te chenna atana tih a ni a. Mahse, an han sak zawh meuh chuan Politician-te, Sawrkar thuneitu (Bureaucrat)-te leh an chhungte chuan flat an insem ta mai a. He thil diklo tak avang hian Ashok Chavan, khang hun lai a Maharashtra Chief Minister pawhin a ban phah hial a ni. Maharashtra State sawrkar a thuneitute pawh chhui zui zel an ni.

9.   Public Distribution Scam : Assam a BPL chhungkuate tana ration pek tur diklo taka tihchingpen a nih avangin kum 2007 khan Assam NGO pakhat, Krishak Mukti Samiti chuan RTI hmangin thil awmzia an dil chhuak a. Nasa tak a corruption a lo awm avangin chhui a ni a, sawrkar a thuneitute he thil a mawhphurtu engemaw zat man an ni.

10.   Relief Fund hman dik loh chungchang :  Kum 2008 khan Punjab a NGO pakhat chuan sawrkar thuneitu, an tualchhung Indian Red Cross Society Branch hrang hranga mawhphurtute chuan Kargil War leh Natural Disaster tuarte chhawmdawlna tur sum chu diklo taka hmangin Car-te, Air Conditioner lei nante, an Hotel bill atante leh thildang atana an hmang tih hmuh chhuah a ni. Court chuan heng mawhphurtute hi thiamloh a chan tir a. Indian Red Cross Society hmingin chhawmdawlna sum pawh Prime Minister’s Relief Fund-ah dah a ni ta a ni.

11.   IIM Admission chungchang a thil diklo : Mit lam thalo, Vaishnavi Kasturi chuan kum 2007 khan IIM, Bangalore a zir turin entrance examination a ti tha hle siin Admission a hmu lo a. Kasturi chuan engvang a admission hmu lo nge a nih leh pianphunga rual a ban loh  vang a ni em tih hriat a duh a. He zirna in a zirthei tur a an thlan dan chungchang RTI hmangin a dil a. Admission a hmu lo nain IIM hian admission atana an tehfung pholang turin a duh a ni. Entrance Exam, Common Admission Test (CAT) hian Class 10 & 12 result aiin ngaihpawimawh a hlawh loh zia he RTI
hmanga a thil dil atangin a lo lang ta a ni. A awmzia chu CAT nei tho siin Class 10 & 12 result kawngro an sut tir hle  tho tihna a ni a, CAT khan awmzia  a nei thui lutuk lo a nih hmel.

                                  [Source: Sl.No. 8,9,10&11 from Vanglaini Daily Newspaper issued on 29.08.2012 ]

                                            RTI  HMANGA  DIL  CHUNGCHANG

   RTI Act, 2005 chu kum 6 chuang kan lo hmang ta. Heng hun chhung hian  RTI-in a hrin chhuah tha tak a awm a,chutih rualin diltuin dil dan kan thiam tawk loh avanga tul lo a buaina pawh a awm tho mai. RTI hian dil chhuah leh en (inspect) te pawh a huam vek a ni tih hria ila.

   Department lama thuneitu, a bikin SPIO/SAPIO-te hi  diltu tan kan thian tha leh min pui tura awm an ni tih hriat a tha. A engamah hmaa hmelma en emaw, mi lo lawm lo lutuka ngaih nghal ngawt tur a ni lo. Anni hian an hna buai tak tak karah kan dilna min lo chinfelsak dawn a, min chinfelsak thin bawk a. Chung an buaina chu diltu tan hriatsak a tha em em a ni. Tin, thuneitute pawhin diltute hi lo pawng lawm loh ngawt tur a ni bik lo. Tanpui ngai kan hnena lo kal an ni tih hriat reng tur a ni. Tanpui ngai tanpuitu nih chu a hlu a, a Kristian em em bawk a, chutiang mi nih chu kan chak theuh a nih kha. An right hmangin thil an rawn dil a, chu chu lo welcome loh ngawt theih pawh a ni lo. Inhrethiam tak leh inpawhtlang taka kan indawr hian thil tha a hringchhuak tih hre reng ila.
  Diltuin sawrkar mi pawimawhte tihbuai hrim hrim duh ni awm taka documents, en pawh kan en sen loh leh peih loh tur dil hi a fel lo khawp mai. Chutianga min rawn dil chuan inspection nei tura inbiakrem a tha, a tlawm zawk em em bawk si a. Inspection mai tura SPIO/SAPIO ten minlo tih pawhin diltu chuan luhlul chhuah mai lovin lungawi ve mai tur a ni. Hei hi information tam tham leh buaipui hautak bikah a remchang hle a, a tlem thamah chuan a tul kher lo thei. Diltuin a duh kher kher a nih loh chuan. Inhriatthiamna nena thil tih a nihin intanpuitawn chakna a awm a, chu chuan RTI implementation-ah a tha zawngin nasa takin a tanpui a ni.

   Right kan neih reng reng hi uchuaka hman atana siam a ni lo va, ram leh khawtlang thattlanna atana siam a ni tih hre reng ila. RTI hmanga dilna uchuak awm fo hian sawrkar thuneitute a tiluhai thin a ni tih hria ila. Chuvangin inhriatthiamna leh indawhtlang taka sawrkar thuneitu leh mipuite hi thawkho tur kan ni a, chutianga thawhhona rilru pu chunga kan inpawh chuan he dan hian a tum ram a thleng ngei ang tih ring ila.

   Scheme tam berah mipuite (beneficiaries) hriat tur (guidelines) a awm zel a, hengte hi RTI hmanga dil kher ngai lovin thuneituten an pechhuak mai tur a ni. Kan pek chhuah tawk loh avanga RTI hman kher ngai hian min tibuai thin tih hi thuneituten kan hriat a pawimawh hle. Tul lo va mi hun, tha, sum leh pai sentir hi thuneitute tih hauh loh tur a ni. Tin, RTI avanga sawrkar lama mawhphurtute hna rawn pung ta hi phun nana hman loh a tha. Thil dang avang pawhin kan hna chu a pung, kan phun chuang lo. Kan hna zinga telvea ngaih mai hian a hahdamthlak ang.   
                                                   [Source from Vanglaini Newspapers issued on7th September, 2012]

                              RTI  DAN  HNUAIA  THIL  TANGKAI HRIAT  TUL  THENKHATTE

1.   Mahni Annual Confidential Report (ACR)  or  Annual Performance Appraisal  Report (APAR)-te hi RTI Dan hmangin a copy dil chhuah theih an ni.

[ R.M.Gupta Vrs Railway Board, Rail Bhavan, New Delhi. File No.CIC/AD/A/2012/000600  (RTRI II(2012)173 (CIC)] &  {Pradeep Sharma  Vrs Airport Authority of India, New Delhi. Case No.CIC/
SS/A/ 2012/000191 [RTIR III (2012 )120 (CIC]}

2.   RTI Dan hmangin Candidate chu  ama Answer Papers  enfiah (inspection) phal sak theih a ni a; a copy pawh a dil chhuak thei a. Amaherawhchu, endik that leh (Re-evaluate) chu RTI huam chin piah lam  a ni.

[CBSE Vrs Aditya Badhopadhyaya, Civil Appeal No.6454/2011 dt.09.08.2011]  &  [ Hemanth Singh Vrs  Rashtriya Sansthan, New Delhi.  Date of Decision 28.05.2012 (RTIR III(2012)38(CIC)]

3.   BSNL in Rajbhasha Adhikari Exam a buatsaih a Paper I & Paper II a Candidate-te Mark hmuh zat chu Exam beitu zing a pakhat chuan RTI dan hmangin a zawt a. CPIO chuan Section 8(1)(j) of the RTI Act, 2005  hnuaiah Third party information a khawih tel avangin pek chhuah theih a ni lo a ti a. FAA pawhin CPIO thutlukna chu a nemnghet a.

   Information Diltu chu lungawi loin CIC-ah  Second Appeal a thehlut a. A tanchhanah chuan  merit list-ah 5-na a  awm chu a dik reng em?  tih leh,  midangte nen an mark hmuh inthlauhna engzat nge?  tih a hre duh niin a sawi a. CAPIO erawh chuan candidate tinte mark hmuh zat chu mimal thil a ni a, vantlang thil a ni lova. Tin, candidate-te mark hmuh zat pholan hian unwarranted invasion of the privacy and social embarrassment a thlen thei  ang tiin a tang thung a.

   Central Information Commission chuan hemi thuah hian,  ni 31.05.2012-ah thutlukna siamin CPIO chu Exam a hlawhtling zawngte mark hmuh zat chu,  applicant hnenah pe turin a hriattir a ni.

                                                                            [Decision No.CIC/LS/A/2011/000159/BS/0272 and
                                                                             Appeal No.CIC/LS/A/2011/000159/BS [RTIR III(2012)/46/(CIC)]
  RTI Case-ah chuan, Information Commission thu hi thu tawp a ni a.
 Information Commission thuremna a lungawilo tan zualko lehna dang a awm chuang lo.
   The decision of the Central Information Commission or State Information Commission,
as the case may be, shall be binding.
                                    [Section 19(7) of RTI Act,2005]