The appellant viz Pu Vanlalruata submitted RTI application via Mizoram RTI Online on 06.04.2023. His RTI application was transferred to the SPIO & Executive Engineer, Khawzawl Division.

The SPIO & Executive Engineer, Khawzawl Division informed the appellant that no information could be furnished as the matter is not under their purview.

The appellant then preferred First Appeal to the DAA on 08.04.2023 wherein the DAA informed that the matter is under the purview of PWD, Serchhip Division.

Not satisfied with the reply received from the DAA, the appellant approached the Mizoram Information Commission on 23.05.2023. Summon was issued to the appellant and the SPIO & Superintending Engineer (P), E-in-C, PWD to appear before
the Commission on 05.06.2023 (Monday) at 11:30 AM.

Hearing was held wherein the Commission hereby directs that the SPIO, Office of the Engineer in Chief, PWD shall collect the required information from the concerned division by dint of his position as SPIO of the office of Head of Department and furnish the same to the appellant not later than 19.06.2023 (Monday).