The appellant viz Pu Vanlalruata submitted an RTI application to the SPIO & Deputy Director (Adm), Local Administration Department on 23.11.2022.

Being not satisfied with the reply received from the SPIO, the appellant preferred First Appeal to the DAA on 11.03.2023 wherein the DAA did not take any action on the matter. 

The appellant then preferred Second Appeal on 17.04.2023. Hearing was held on 01.05.2023. Since the appellant RTI application had been transferred to the DLAOs of Lunglei and Mamit, Pu Alan Lalthanzara, DLAO & SPIO, Lunglei and Pu K. Tlangruala, DLAO & SPIO, Mamit shall provide whatever  information is available in their office, free of cost, to the appellant not later than 19.05.2023 (Friday) with a copy to Mizoram Information Commission.

Copy of decision may be viewed/downloaded from here