Order No. S.A. 91/2022-MIC dt. 18.10.2022 directs the SPIO, DC's Office, Lawngtlai to furnish information to the appellant viz Pi Saronpari within 15 days from the date of issue of said order. However, the SPIO failed to comply within the stipulated period and also furnished incomplete information.

In this regard, Pi Saronpari once again sought the help of Mizoram Information Commission and hearing was again held on 31.01.2023.

After hearing both the parties, MIC directs that  SPIO & Addl. Deputy Commissioner, DC’s Office, Lawngtlai shall provide bank transaction details of payment made to all recipients of compensation from DC, Lawngtlai (CALA) & GM (P) NHIDCL BO immediately after receipt of the same from the Chief Manager, State Bank of India, Lawngtlai Branch, free of cost, to Pi Saronpari with a copy to Mizoram Information Commission.

Copy of order may be downloaded from [ORDER]