The appellant submitted Second Appeal dt. 02.08.2022 to MIC stating that he was denied information by the respondent with regard to information pertaining Preliminary Enquiry report submitted by the DSP, ACB to the Chief Vigilance Officer, Mizoram.

Hearing was held on 22.08.2022 (Monday). After hearing both the parties and since the respondent informed the Commission that premature disclosure of information could jeopardize the process of an ongoing process of investigation, the Commission decided that a second round of hearing be held on 31.08.2022 wherein the respondent was informed to bring detailed clarification in support of the arguments.

Hearing was again held on 31.08.2022 (Wednesday). As instructed, the respondent submitted to the Commission clarifications for not furnishing the requested information. After hearing both the parties and after perusal of the clarifications submitted by the respondent, the Commission is of the view that as investigation is going on and charge sheet has not been finalized/served, the respondent’s contention that providing information at this stage could jeopardize the ongoing investigation has substance. Therefore, the SPIO’s letter dated 13.06.2022 and the DAA’s order dated 25.07.2022 are hereby upheld.