Pu Lalhruaitluanga Bawitlung submitted RTI application to the SPIO, General Administration Department (GAD) on 30.11.2022 via Mizoram RTI Online. 

The appellant preferred First Appeal to the Joint Secretary/Departmental Appellate Authority (DAA) 02.01.2023 on grounds that he has not been provided information by the SPIO even after a lapse of more than 30 days. Since the DAA did not take any action on the matter, he preferred Second Appeal dated 15.03.2023 to Mizoram Information Commission.

Hearing was held on 06.04.2023 wherein the Commission issues a show cause as to why penalty of Rs 10,000 (Rupees ten thousand only) shall not be imposed on him for wilful negligence and wilful disregard to his responsibilities as SPIO of GAD in dealing with the RTI application of Pu Lalhruaitluanga Bawitlung and failure to justify his position. He shall be at liberty to show cause either in writing to this Commission or by personal appearance before this commission on or before 12.00 Noon of 28th April, 2023.  

The Commission also directs that the SPIO/ SAPIO, GAD shall provide the information, free of cost, to the appellant not later than 28.04.2023 (Friday) with a copy to Mizoram Information Commission.