The appellant sought information from the SPIO, Directorate of Health & Family Welfare.

In reply, the SPIO, Zoram Medical College informed him as follows, “Not applicable for Zoram Medical College. Application may be asked under CMO, Aizawl West District.” on 20.10.2022. 

The appellant then preferred First Appeal wherein he was informed, “As per instructed through previous reply, you are requested to forward the queries to the Chief Medical Officer, Aizawl West” on 22.11.2022. The appellant then preferred Second Appeal on 22.11.2022. 

Hearing was held on 19.12.2022. After hearing both the parties, the Commission directs that since the information sought pertains to several offices under Department of Health & Family Welfare, the SPIO & Registrar, Zoram Medical College shall transfer the RTI application of Mr. Baidyanath Sen to the SPIO, Office of the Principal Director, Health & Family Welfare Department at the earliest with intimation to the appellant and the latter shall provide the information sought, free of cost, to the appellant within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of issue of the order.